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Thuringia: Commission-free and affordable living in the middle of Germany

The state of Thuringia is located pretty much in the middle of Germany - and has numerous beautiful landscapes and cities worth seeing to offer its residents and visitors. The chain of culturally and historically interesting cities ranges from the classical and Bauhaus city of Weimar to the old university city of Jena and the state capital of Erfurt with its famous cathedral. In addition, Wartburg Castle near Eisenach, the numerous residential and country castles scattered throughout the state, famous church buildings, and monuments such as the Barbarossad Monument in Kyffhäuser are popular sightseeing and excursion destinations. In short, anyone thinking about moving to Thuringia is spoiled for choice: Should it be one of the thriving cities of Erfurt or Jena? Or a house in the countryside - be it in the popular Thuringian Forest, in the Eichsfeld or near Thuringia's only national park, Hainich? A good two million people currently live in Thuringia - with a declining trend, because Thuringia, like the four other new federal states, is currently experiencing a falling population. One exception is the two larger cities of Erfurt and Jena, which have been growing in population for several years.

Expansion of the infrastructure

A lot is currently happening in Thuringia to attract new residents and businesses to the centrally located state. Fast connections are provided by the four newly built or currently expanded highways that crisscross the state in an east-west and north-south direction. With long-distance train stations in Erfurt, Weimar, Gotha, Eisenach, Jena and Saalfeld, the state is also well connected to the rail network. Erfurt-Weimar International Airport is conveniently located in the center of the state. The state's industry is characterized by companies specializing in the manufacture of precision optical equipment - the best known of which is Jenoptik AG, which is rich in tradition. Other important sectors include the mechanical engineering and automotive industries - such as the Opel plant in Eisenach - and food production, for example at the well-known Fuchs spice plant in Schönbrunn.

Commission-free and affordable: Thuringia's real estate market

The real estate market in Thuringia, as in many other regions in Germany, is characterized by rising rents and purchase prices - despite a declining population. However, as the 2012 Housing Market Report published by the Thuringian Ministry of Construction, Regional Development and Transport shows, there are also major differences in Thuringia: Rising prices have been recorded in the growth regions, particularly the Saale-Holzland district located between Jena and Gera and the two cities of Jena and Erfurt, while some districts, such as Hildburghausen and Altenburger Land, have even seen rents fall. In contrast to most major cities in western Germany, however, it is still possible to buy a new property in the larger cities without paying a commission, despite price increases.Inboth Erfurt and Jena, many properties are rented or sold without an estate agent, and in structurally weaker areas such as the city of Suhl, the majority of property offers are even brokerage-free.

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